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I just can't believe it!

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

I can’t believe that we are already an entire month into my reign as Miss Intercontinental Australia!

In fact, I still need to pinch myself to make sure this dream of mine really did come true…

It didn’t take long for me to kick things off with my preparations for the international competition, not even 24 hours to be quite honest. After falling in a heap and finally peeling the tippy tops off my feet to crawl into bed post crowning, I kid you not I was straight onto my phone finding inspiration for my gown and national costume! After competing in pageants for five years, I knew there was just no time to waste!

Once I had an idea of how I wanted to look and feel on the international stage in each outfit, it was straight to dress fittings and visits with designers for me. Perfecting your competition wardrobe is a very tedious job and you need to give designers plenty of time to bring your vision to life, so my aim has been to get those kinds of preparations out of the way first before focussing on the rest.

I also immediately implemented daily regimes as soon as I got home which are going to aid in getting me to look and feel my best for the next level of competition which my sponsor Saya Medispa has been helping me out with. These include a strict skincare routine to help me glow & regular saunas to help rid my body of toxins.

Excitement levels continue to rise as we get closer to the next phase of the competition and I can’t wait to show you all a few things I have been working on such as video and photo shoots! I also have some really big plans for my involvement in the community and fundraising for Look Good Feel Better which I will be rolling out in the new year and just CAN NOT WAIT FOR!

It is truly an incredible honour to say that in a few short months I will be jetting off to the Philippines to represent this beautiful country I call home. I will fly our flag with pride and can only hope to make you all proud!

Stay tuned for some amazing things yet to come!

- Mikaela-Rose


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