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About Miss Intercontinental Australia


The beginning of something wonderful...

Miss Intercontinental is one of the largest, oldest and most respected pageants in the world. Over 70 countries send delegates to exotic locations all over the world to compete for the Miss Intercontinental title each year . Since we have been running Miss Intercontinental Australia (since 2017)  our delegates have placed in the top 20 twice in three years and we are confident that it won't be long until we bring home one of the most expensive crowns in beauty pageant history to Australian soil.

With a bespoke crown, a Swarovski encrusted embroided satin sash, an amazing prize package and a year of life changing experiences and opportunities, we look forward to finding out who our next Miss Intercontinental Australia will be!

Lucinda Ferguson brought Miss Intercontinental to Australia in 2017 where she sashed her first ever Australian Delegate - Charlotte Allison-Bruce.

Lucinda has since moved back to the UK and has handed the reins to Charlotte to continue the legacy.

Charlotte was crowned Miss Intercontinental Australia in 2017 and went on to represent the land down under at the 47th Miss Intercontinental Final held in Egypt early in 2018 where she placed 20 out of over 70 contestants. Charlotte has extensive inside knowledge of Miss Intercontinental and passionately believes in everything Miss Intercontinental Stands for.

We are so excited to see this new era of Miss Intercontinental Australia and all that is in store.

Entires Open for 2020 - MARCH

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